Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Whroo 23rd September

It has been many years, maybe 5 or 6, since I have been to Whroo so Joy and I set out early Sunday morning to see what changes have been made. It turns out not many. The Information Centre still has a for sale sign on it and the car park had lots of families settling in at the picnic tables for lunch. The weather was struggling to be nice but the wind blew and the sun hid behind clouds for most of the day. At one point I dared to take off my heavy jumper, but not for long.

Rufous Songlark at Reedy Lake, near Nagambie

Grey Shrike-thrush with a very messy grub - but I like the way the background rock compliments the colours of the GST, even down to the green bug-juice on its throat.

Grey Currawong. Part of a flock of 6 or 7 very grey birds

One of the many Pallid Cuckoos that we saw

Rufous Whistler

Olive-backed Oriole

Olive-backed Oriole with caterpillar. The OBO fed constantly so it seems that the tree was loaded with these  caterpillars.

The birds were not numerous but all the rain has made the wildflowers bloom and filled the water points so hopefully it will be a good breeding season again. There were not many trees in flower, so not many honeyeaters were seen but it was nice to see a Rufous Songlark at Reedy Lake on the way up and a flock of very grey Grey Currawongs and an Olive-backed Oriole in the Iron-bark woodlands. On the way home we came across a beautifully marked Brown Songlark near Nagambie and stopped beside the busy road to ooh and aah. I have seen more Brown Songlarks this year than I remember for many years. Is this another species that is benefitting from a run of good seasons?

I must go back up that way soon because when we called in for fuel at the Nagambie Petrol Station at the corner of the Heathcote-Nagambie Rd they had “Stuffed Sausages” on the take-away breakfast menu. I forget what was on them but at the time they sounded disgustingly delicious. 

Brown Songlark near Nagambie with beautiful throat markings

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