Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Goshen to Kamarooka

Birding with a group of friends is one of the joys of life. A week or so back four of us drove up to Goshen and Terrick Terrick as part of a weekend of birding. Here are a few photos from that outing and my trip home.

A new sight for me. A pair of Blue Bonnets at Tresco were in full display with raised head feathers, ...
part raised wings, and fanned tails which they were waving side to side as fast as they could.
The Rainbow Bee-eaters at Terrick Terrick fairly shone as their feathers caught the sun.
There prey was not bees but the dragonflies that were flying around the scattered trees.
Newly arrived back from migrations the White-backed Swallows are a bit worn around the tail, but still lovely to see.
Orange Chat at Lake Tuchewop
And who can resist a male Superb Fairy-wren with all his feathers fanned and glowing?
Sacred Kingfisher at Talbot
Red-capped Robin at Kamarooka
Young White-browed Babbler begging for breakfast
Owlet Nightjar peering out of what is likely to be a nesting hollow.

All images copyright Jennifer Spry

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  1. Beautiful photos! The Blue Bonnets are particularly stunning!