Tuesday, September 19, 2017


My, how time flies! I have just checked and it has been a year since my last post. As I look back on the last 12 months I see one of the reasons for a lack of posts is a lack of new birding locations, just repeats of old favourites.

There have been some wonderful trips and weekends but just none that inspired me to do a blog. So, I have decided this is going to be a precis of the last twelve months to bridge from the last 2016 blog to what could be a very busy few months coming up with new places and new birds. My next planned blog will be in mid November.

The images in this blog are chronological and give a glimpse of my meanderings over the last year.

The iconic Christmas Island bird, the Golden Bosun. This is the endemic golden race, Phaethon lepturus fulvus, of the White-tailed tropicbird. 

This cafe is THE place to get breakfast after an early morning of birding, as long as one is not on a diet. The food is excellent and varies day to day.

Christmas Island Gecko

Waiting for swifts to arrive overhead at "swift alley", out by the new detention centre. 

Common Emerald Dove, Chalcophaps indica

Male Frigatebird asleep on a hot day. If one has an inflatable pillow, why not use it? 

Not the best photo in the world but I love the quirky idea of smartening up a derelict forklift

Oceania House or "The Big House", built by the Clunies-Ross family and now being used as a B&B.

Diningroom in Oceania House. The current owners have filled the house with period furnishings.

The Cocos Keeling Islands is not just birding, it is also world renown for diving, kite-surfing and here, Bone-fishing from a purpose-built boat. There was a luxury motor-yacht moored nearby.

The ferry between Home Island and West Island

The new ferry jetty on West Island

My easiest "mega" pelagic seabird ever. A Barau's Petrel circling over the end of the Cocos airport runway

Eurasian Hobby in Perth on my way home from Christmas Island

Noisy Miner in central Vitoria

Australian Hobby near Bendigo, Victoria.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Grey Petrel off Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania

Southern Royal Albatross off Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania with a Shy Albatross in the background

Three Minke Whales off Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania

Dolphin coming in fast from astern to catch a ride on the bow wave as we head back into port

All images & text © Jenny Spry