Friday, July 25, 2014

Winter at Werribee

Pink-eared Duck over Lake Borrie

There was a huge high pressure system stalled right over Melbourne so last Tuesday was calm and cold. A thick fog was slowly lifting off the treatment ponds and it wasn't until midday that the sun finally burnt through.
Male Australian Pelican with a rainbow of colours 

Pair of Pelicans on the calm waters of Port Phillip bay

In full colour and with a small crest raised. Spring is coming.

There are a few Curlew Sandpipers and Red-necked Stints still around but I went down to look at the ducks and the other waterbirds. Courting is just starting and the Musk Ducks put on a wonderful performance with much posturing, splashing and calling and the Pelicans are developing their full bill colour.
This displaying male attracted two females ......

surveyed them both....

selected one and left with her while still displaying

Winter is definitely a slow time at the treatment plant but it is a beautiful place on a cold, calm day.

Both the Great Egret and the Little Egret went for this fish, but the Great Egret won

Starting a fishing attack. The head will come forward and turn on the side so that the bill and its extended pouch can be swept through the water to trap fish.

All images & text © Jenny Spry