Saturday, August 2, 2014

Australian Corvids with Yellow Feet

These four images show three species of Australian corvids with yellow feet. Having checked the reference books, including HANZAB, I can not find any written reference to yellow feet or yellow soles of feet. The closest mention is that HANZAB notes that the soles of Little Crow feet are "... described as pale".

In looking at the Simpson & Day field guide it does seem to show that corvids have yellow soles to their feet but in many years of observing I have not noticed it before.

Maybe all other birders know about the feet colour in Australian corvids but I found it an interesting sighting and am planning to do a bit more searching on the matter – and definitely take much more interest in the corvids when I see them.

Aus Raven taken at Nhill, Victoria. July 2014

Aus Raven taken at Nhill, Victoria. July 2014

Little Raven © Marlene Lyell. January 2010

Torresian Crow © Marlene Lyell. September 2010

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