Monday, May 5, 2014

Bowra unfeathered: Reptiles, Frogs, Butterflies etc

Early morning view from the tent

Bowra is renown for its birds but there are a lot of other reasons to go. I have very little knowledge of the beautiful frogs, reptiles and butterflies but there is such beauty that I just could not ignore them. I desperately need to go back with a collection of field guides and sort out all these special creatures. Bowra is so much more than birds.
The front drive - it is approx 6 km (3 1/2 miles) from the gate to the homestead.

Camped by a Billabong under the shade of a Coolibah Tree ... well, actually, lunch beside a dam in the Western Paddock

View over Bowra from the top of the escarpment

Typical birder cars; Hall's Babblers flew across the track so all out, doors left open and a dash into the bush. Afterwards, check the field guide

Dam at the farthest west of the Western Paddock

Trees in the Western Paddock

Gould's Monitor

Goulden's Monitor Portrait

Earless Dragon, fully grown adult

Bearded Dragon


Blue Skimmer Dragonfly


Common Bluetail Damselfly

Water spider with large black eyes on top of head ...

and when the eyes caught the sun they shone like gold

Small fish in bore drain ....

and possible an adult of the same species




Crucifix Toad

The toilets attracted large Green Tree Frogs and large brown frogs. Sadly I missed a photo of the Green Tree Frog. I will  have to go back (smile)

Toadlet beside the bore drain

This toadlet arrived each night and sat under the lantern, feeding on anything that fell to the ground

Large moth attracted by the lantern

Wanderer Butterfly

Wanderer Butterfly

Caper White Butterfly

A pair of Wallaroo

Male Red Kangaroo

All text & images © Jenny Spry

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