Sunday, April 7, 2013

Shelduck at WTP Sunday 7th April

The following images were taken at WTP Werribee this morning by Joy Tansey. The bird was first reported on Birding - Aus last week by Russell Woodford.

The bird was relocated this morning at low tide on rocks in the bay half way between the Murtcain Outlet and Kirks point ( 38º 02' 14" S  144º 38' 02" E ).

The bird was with a flock of Australian Shelduck but tended to be on the edge of the flock. A close approach was not possible because the birds were flighty. All images were taken with a Canon 500D and a 100 - 400 L lens.

Flight shot shooing underwing comparative neck shape to Aus Shelduck

Upperwing showing pale coverts

Note steep forehead and apparent short, deep bill

Note dark vertical line between flank and vent. This was visible on most images

Note pale vent compared to dark vent for Aus Shelduck

Note extensive white on head and no white collar

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Bird in comparison to Aus Shelducks

Bird in comparison to Aus Shelducks. Note different head shape

This image has been lightened to show colour of vent. Note steep forehead and apparent short bill

As with image above note lack of speculum or different coloured covert feathers  on wing. Note also lack of white ring at base of neck. Leg can just be seen and is black.

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